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Low Boy/dressing table

This is an example of a Southern Low Boy.  This example is made out of mahogany as a primary wood and cypress as a secondary wood.  It is finished with aniline dye and lacquer.


Tea table

I was commissioned to build this Newport ball and claw foot tea table.  Notice the piercing (open space) between the claw and ball. John Goddard, a famous 18th century cabinetmaker, used this particular design on several of his pieces. Since John Goddard built furniture in the Newport area this claw foot design became known as the Newport style. This table also has a dished top made from one wide board. This is a copy of the original that is on display at the Bouyo Bend collection in Houston, TX. The table is made out of mahogany. The finish is aniline dye with shellac and lacquer. 


Tilt/turn tea table

This tea table was used for special occasions during the 18th century.  It is made out of mahogany and finished with aniline dye and shellac.


Drop-leaf Table

The drop-leaf table was very common during the 18th century.  Houses were small and many tables were made to fold down so they could be moved out of the way to make room for other activities.  The design also allows for many tables to be put together to make a larger table.




Used in the 18th century to store fine silver and other dining accessories. Still in use today and is found in many different forms. As with all of my pieces, all drawers are constructed using hand-cut dovetails and will stand the test of time. This example is built out of mahogany and is finished with aniline dye and lacquer.


Bedside table

This bedside table is constructed out of cherry with poplar as a secondary wood.  Finish is aniline dye with lacquer.


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