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About Don

I retired from the United States Army in 2003 after 4 years with the Rangers and 16 years with Special Forces.  After 20 years as a professional soldier I focused my effort to master another skill . . . fine furniture.  I enjoy the challenges associated with the design, construction, and joinery of 18th Century Furniture.  Hand cut dovetails and the mortis and tenon joint have been the benchmark of fine furniture for centuries.  I use the same construction techniques when I build furniture for you whether I am building a fine reproduction or a contemporary design. 

I learned this unique trade from a master cabinetmaker, Ben Hobbs.  Ben has been making Early American furniture for nearly 30 years in Hertford, NC.  I met Ben 6 years ago when I retired from the Army and started a contracting job in Hertford.  Ben has been teaching furniture-making classes for about 15 years and does commissioned furniture specializing with coastal North Carolina design.  I have dedicated a great amount of my time during the last 6 years studying Benís techniques and skills.  What Ben is able to accomplish with a few hand tools is truly amazing. You can find examples of Benís work and his class schedule at www.hobbsfurniture.com.

This art of making fine furniture has nearly vanished from our society and I am very fortunate to learn these skills from a master and carry on this tradition of hand made furniture. 

I currently reside and work in Evergreen, Colorado with my wife, Christine, and our two children, Rachel and Grant.


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