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The mortis and tenon joint and hand cut dovetails have been the benchmark of fine furniture for centuries. Simple and strong, the mortise and tenon joint has been used by woodworkers around the world to join pieces of wood. Hand cut, snug fitting dovetails are difficult to master and reflect the skill and mastery of the craftsman. While time consuming, I enjoy the challenges associated with the design, construction and joinery of 18th Century, Early American furniture.

The furniture seen on this website depicts the quality and craftsmanship of my work.  To create your custom order, I use many hand tools such as files, scrapers, chisels and hand planes.  I use only solid wood for the pieces that I create and will not use plywood, veneer, or any other sheet-type products for any of the components of my work.  Every step from the design of the piece to applying the finish is completed in my custom shop.  While these techniques are more time consuming than the modern mass production method, the result is a finished piece with a quality of construction and appearance that is far superior and will last for generations. 

This art of making fine furniture has nearly vanished from our society and I am very fortunate to have learned these skills from a master so that I too may carry on this tradition of hand made furniture.  Whether building a fine reproduction or a contemporary design, I use the same construction techniques utilized by the 18th century cabinetmakers.

Please browse the pages in this site to view examples of handmade cabinets, chests, chairs, tables, beds and more. You will find examples of furniture made from mahogany, walnut, cherry and other woods. Different finishes are used to bring out the beauty and depth of the wood.

Each piece is designed based on your needs and individual style in a uniquely collaborative process. I look forward to designing an heirloom quality piece of handcrafted furniture for you.

Handcrafted Early American Furniture
Made in Evergreen, Colorado


Don Harris Furniture
Evergreen, Colorado

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